Dr. Coletti - Rave Reviews

This is a great office. Everyone is friendly and knows what they are doing. I always feel comfortable from the moment I arrive until the moment I leave. They make it easy to have a dental visit!

Brandon Coerbell

"Dr. Coletti Understands just how nervous I get about opening my "mouth" at the dentist and always makes the fear melt away. He's a terrific guy and a true professional who dose outstanding work."

Suzanne S.

Dr. Coletti - Rave Reviews

NEED A DENTIST? GO THERE!!!!! BEST DENTAL OFFICE ANYWHERE!!!! – I just came from my third appointment at Warwick Valley Dental.


Dr. Coletti - Rave Reviews

Even though it took years of wearing braces - the results are worth all of it. My teeth look awesome.
Thank you to Dr. Coletti and your entire team.

Christina R.

A very friendly atmosphere. They remember the personal things about me and my family and that is refreshing that I am more than a "patient ". Thank you all for making me feel like family

Emily W Watson

Dr. Coletti - Rave Reviews